A program dedicated to those creating a Regenerative Future, for those looking to build Communities, Healing Centers, Sustainable Living and creating a much needed alternative to the current paradigm.

Over the last few years, I’ve been helping share my experiences in this space with visionaries and leaders looking to build these types of projects – refining their vision, help finding their land, getting development and consulting teams in place, permitting and legal, Innovative building and permaculture solutions, as well as looking over decks and proposals to attract aligned capital. Nothing excites me more than this type of service and co-creation and always pushing the limit with integrity and and the utmost care for this planet.

As someone who has been in the trenches of International Real Estate and Hospitality for over 15 years, I will be sharing some of the things I’ve learned along the way and practical wisdom to get some of these dreams turned into realities. We will also hear from amazing experts and friends in the space, as well as share key contacts and resources to really incubate your projects, more than simply transfer knowledge or experiences. We’ll have time to meet and work together individually and as a group to really land and anchor these learnings. Let's co-create the new paradigm together, learn and

evolve together, and build a truly Regenerative

Future, together! And let’s have fun along the way!

My passion is working on projects that push the boundaries of social impact and alternative living – from creative hotel projects and retreat centers to building regenerative communities. I went from organizing parties at nightclubs in New York City and Festivals to moving to Costa Rica 15 years ago to build a retreat center, community, and shift into a new pace of living and wellbeing. Okay there was a short stint in between where i wandered aimlessly and stumbled upon Burning Man.

Since then I've spent 15 years in Real Estate Development & Hospitality in Costa Rica, Mexico, Europe, and the USA. I’ve worked with individuals, hotel brands & regenerative community developers to help them find the right ingredients to turn their dreams into a reality, while caring for this planet and its people.

With VIDA our Retreat Center and Community in Costa Rica - We wanted to create an environment conducive to transformation and personal growth as well as to prototype more abundant ways of living. And we did just that on a small portion of a 65 acre farm.

Most recently, through our company NOOKLEO, we are building the bridge for people to taste the experience of alternative living, offering tiny homes and regenerative real estate opportunities in areas that are both abundant and thriving for long term stays. Offering a much needed service to cultivate those neighborhoods the right way and with the right people. We need to prototype this new paradigm first!

- Ed Zaydelman

The Structure

Any easy to access program that you can watch at your own pace, and engage with the community in Q&A as well as 1:1 work sessions with me!

What you get!

Walking away with something you can apply and practice right away taking your vision to reality.

The Material

Essentials to develop a foundation of knowledge in the space.

The Material

Essentials to develop a foundation of knowledge in the space.

Bonus Content

How to move abroad, into nature, into a more sustainable way of living and take the leap!

The Genesis Incubator

Lets co-create tomorrow, today!